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Panacea Retreat is perfect for a wellness camp, not only due to its ample amenities but also its sheer size. Able to host large groups of people for talks, events and socials, Praana Residence, the crown jewel of the estate, is absolutely gorgeous. With breathtaking 360-degree views of the mountains and the ocean, it is a wellness retreat venue where your soul will feel at peace right from the start.

Start with a game of tennis on your private court and get ready for a packed itinerary feeding both the mind and the body. The gym is equipped with the latest exercise equipment; even professional athletes will be impressed. But if you’re a beginner, worry not. The machines are not intimidating and a trainer can be organised to help you get fit as per your personal goals. Praana Residence has its own Muay Thai boxing ring which makes for spectacular entertainment as well as a thorough workout.A professional Muay Thai coach will help ease you into the world of Thai boxing.

The garden by the pool, replete with a deck furnished with sun loungers that may be removed to create more space, is ideal for yoga or meditation sessions. Sun salutations take on new meaning when you do them staring at the azure ocean beyond lush mountains. The hilltop location of the villa is awe-inspiring and allows enviable views of the island below. An air-conditioned living room by the poolside can hold a few yoga mats if your session is scheduled on a hot afternoon. For larger groups, the main living room on the third level has high ceilings and a larger space to organise indoor sessions.

Professional dancers will love Praana Residence’s own dance club in the basement, decked out with lights and a DJ deck which can also be used as a mini-stage for a motivational talk. It’s a great place to let your hair down and interact with your group in an informal setting, furthering your social wellness. And don’t forget the spa room where two people can enjoy Thai spa treatments at a time.

With six bedrooms in total and four nearby villas within Panacea Retreat that can be booked along with it, Praana Residence is an extraordinary venue for the ultimate wellness retreat.

Get in touch with our team at [email protected] to find out more, and discuss how Praana Residence can fulfil your event needs.

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